Basic Gelato Course in English: ONE-TO-ONE

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An ideal course for anyone who wants to become an ice cream maker from high-quality raw materials and wants to concentrate the technical basics, theory and workshop practice in one week.


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Four full-time days: from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Via Giuseppe Parini 1/5 – 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

The course takes place in presence with two parts: a theoretical frontal lesson with the teacher, and a practical lesson where gelato is produced and tasted, using the machinery present in the teaching laboratory equipped with all types of freezers and pasteurizers.


This is a high-level training course dedicated to those who want to have immediate independence in the creation of their own gelato recipes, without being influenced by semi-finished product or machinery companies.

During the 4-day course, basic theory will be discussed: the main topics related to the composition of water-based (sorbets) and milk-based gelatos will be addressed. The chemistry and physics behind the production and distribution of high quality artisan gelato.

Ingredients will be addressed in detail: the family of sugars, fats, proteins, stabilisers and characterising products: fresh fruit, oily fruit, cocoa, spices, yoghurt, etc.

In the afternoon you will have access to the production workshop where you will learn how to do weighing, mix ingredients and use the production machinery.

This course is dedicated to those who want to become gelato makers, who are about to open their own business or are taking over an existing one, and who want to concentrate in a few days the basic technical notions, theory and laboratory practice to make themselves independent in the shortest possible time.

For the definition of dates or for groups of more than 2 persons write to segreteria@robertolobrano.com


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The course includes

Handout in pdf.
Certificate of Participation in the training course Gelato Cult – International School of Haute Gelato.
A maximum of two people with the same VAT number may take part in the course.
For further information: 051 0143541 (Mon-Fri: 10.00 – 18.30).

Roberto Lobrano


Roberto Lobrano Gelato Cult of Casalecchio di Reno

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