Future gelato artisans have many opportunities to acquire knowledge. However, it is always possible that someone might convince them that making gelato is simple: all you need are the right products, watch a demo of a supplier who tells you how to use them, press a button, and voilà, gelato. No problem.

In reality, professional training has become a fundamental step in starting a business. It is not only a prerequisite, it must be seen as a continual pro- cess required to maintain performance in a market that is rapidly develop- ing.

If the objective of future gelato entrepreneurs is to leave oppressive, bor- ing, and stale jobs, it is clear that they also aspire to create their own gelato.

How can you manage your business if you don’t have the technical knowledge necessary to operate independently in the trade of your choice?

Taken from Gelato Business, Startups and Innovative Marketing in the Gelato Shop

The organization behind the selling of an emotion

R. Lobrano (IRC 2013)

Hi, I’m Roberto Lobrano and I have been teaching training courses on ice cream techniques and marketing since 2001, after a long working activity in the field (since 1980) and after having attended and assisted in numerous training courses held by the greatest masters of ice cream, including Luca Caviezel, Carlo Pozzi, Angelo Grasso, Donata Panciera.

My university education allows me to hold my courses in three languages (Italian, English and French). I also developed an excellent ability to manage the classroom having deepened the communication and teaching techniques of adult learners.

I have a good technical background in the production of artisanal gelato and I have been studying the subject of marketing for over twenty years and I have tried (among the first in Italy) to bring it into the artisan gelato sector.


An artisan gelato maker is a professionist who has faced a full training similar to that a professional chef in the kitchen has experienced. His goal is to achieve, in this area, the knowledge of all quality raw materials and products to use in the preparations of gelato, sorbets, gelato cakes and semifreddo. It has the ability to experiment and create new recipes and gourmet products with his gelato. Our school is addressed to all those to who want to start this carrier and to whom already work in the sector but it needs to go beyond the usual notions and create high quality products. A gourmet artisan gelato maker not only knows how to make a really good gelato, but he knows and tells what lies behind it.


  • Alta Gelateria Basic Course and technical specialization courses with the best expert in this sector.
  • Direct contact with producers of the materials used in the production of gelato.
  • Personalized classes in classroom or online.
  • Multilingual training course in Italian, English and French.
  • Practical training in the lab to experience a daily production with a fill set of machinery available.
  • Video courses to follow remotely.
  • A collaborative community of student, teachers and tutors.


The new SIDAG (Scuola Internazionale Di Alta Gelateria) headquarters in Emilia Romagna (Bologna) is a multi-purpose space of excellence of 300 square meters made of:

  • Equipped didactic laboratory
  • Lecture hall for teaching
  • Classroom of marketing and the first Library dedicated to Gelato

Our school is addressed to all those to who want to start this carrier and to whom already work in the sector but it needs to go beyond the usual notions and create high quality products.

discover our training courses in English

face-to-face training

Classroom courses of theory and practice at our headquarters in Casalecchio di Reno (BO).

SIDAG courses are based on the use of fresh and high quality raw materials.

We do not use industrial bases but we teach how to make real artisanal gelato from scratch.

  • Basic course (4 days)
  • Intermediate course (4 days)
  • Advanced course (4 days)

Ask for a one-to-one consulting to create your course:

online training

For those who do not have the possibility to move for work or other reasons, there is the possibility to follow our theoretical courses online in live streaming.
The courses are related to:

  • gelato technique
  • raw material
  • chemistry and physics of ingredients
  • balancing
  • production set-up

Ask for a one-to-one consulting to create your course:

video lessons

In our virtual classroom ( we have included some video courses that can be enjoyed at any time, both to introduce yourself to the profession of ice cream entrepreneur and for those who want to explore specific thematic areas such as:

  • Introductory course to the activity of gelato maker
  • Complete basic theoretical course of gelato technique
  • Basic course on ice cream on a stick
  • Course on the world of chocolate in gelato parlors
  • Basic course on soft ice cream
  • and many more soon …

Ask for a one-to-one consulting to create your course:

If you haven’t found the course that’s right for you in the calendar, contact us because we are able to deliver customized courses based on your requests, both online and face-to-face.

please e-mail us at:


Ask for specialist advice from the master gelato maker Roberto Lobrano.

In more than 23 years Roberto has helped over 200 companies and thousands of professionals in Italy and abroad with technical assistance and management marketing consultancy for the success of the business.

  • Working on a business plan and key points.
  • Helping you create your mission and support you in the start-up moment.
  • Building your gelato recipes together. We help you in the research of equipment and in the choice of raw materials.
  • Helping you in the management of production and staff training.